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Welcome to iExplore Montessori

iExplore Montessori is a modern school focused on an enriched method of learning. We fully implement the Montessori Method, developed by Italian doctor Maria Montessori in the early 1900s, emphasizing the importance of independence and precise curriculum implementation based on developmental observations.

Sociodramatic Play is Child’s Work!

iExplore also focuses on other scientifically and psychologically proven methods to further a child’s development (see more here), such as Sociodramatic Play, an advanced form of role-playing where children develop deeper social relationships through negotiations, compromise, and critical thinking.

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Holistic Method of Education

At iExplore, we believe in a holistic method of educating each child. To us, “Education” pertains not only to what a child learns through books and traditional methods but also through their relationships with others, games, extracurricular activities, skills, and the many other experiences they may have. As a result, we offer many classes through our Montessori teachers, their assistants, and other teaching vendors, such as Spanish, violin, swimming, tennis, soccer, volleyball, rock climbing, and art lessons, among many other options at our fully immersive campus.

Nurturing Critical Thinkers

The team of teachers and staff are dedicated architects, designing an inspiring and nurturing environment that sparks the flames of joy, respect, protection, and the ability to learn independently. Together, with the iExplore students, families, and staff, we form a diverse community with many experiences able to contribute to each child’s growth, instilling values of compassion and empathy. We aspire to provide your child with the tools to become a comprehensive problem-solver, an avid reader, and a generally inquisitive person, always curious about the moments in their day-to-day lives and seeking to learn more.

Fostering Each Child’s Journey

At iExplore Montessori, we believe that children are the most important members of society, and carefully fostering their learning and development is not only an extremely rewarding responsibility and privilege but an immensely important one.

We Provide the Following Programs

At iExplore Montessori, classrooms and programs are tailored to a child’s learning and growth. Our unique academic approach promotes self-learning and creativity, rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all curriculum.



Children are ready for the Toddler’s program when they are at least 14-months old, walk independently, are no longer taking a bottle, and take one nap a day.

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iExplore carefully designs curriculum for Pre-Primary students, emphasizing specific skills that enhance your child’s natural learning process and enlarge their abilities.

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Our Primary classroom provides for children between three years – six years. “Freedom” is an absolute necessity for this age group. They become budding researchers at this stage.

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iExplore Afterschool program offers pick-up services from local elementary schools. We have a structured schedule and introduce montessorian concepts, while offering a variety of challenging activities.

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